Supporting Artist Training

I created “SACertified” which is a limited company taking care of training Supporting Artists (SAs) for the Film and TV industry in the UK.

I am an experienced Assistant Director on films and TV. One of my jobs on set is to place the supporting artists. A set is 99% of the time intense and lacking time, therefore we have very little, if any, time to interact with the SAs, which creates all kind of complications. Most SAs also tend to approach this as a hobby rather than a job, lacking professionalism.

Through my experiences, I know that most skills needed from the SAs are the same from one production to the next and therefore can be taught.  Find a description of what in takes to become a Supporting Artist here.

The purpose of this 2 days training is to make all UK SAs ready to step on a set and do their job properly, even if no instructions have been given.

This will not only make the SAs more efficient and respected, but it will also help the running of the shoot.

Visit SACertified website to know more and book your place.



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