·        Bilingual French and English

·        BBC Online Safety course

·        UCLA Extension Certificate in Film & TV (USA)

·        1st AID at work certificate (3 days course)

·        Working PC

·        Full Clean Driving License & own vehicle

·        No strings attached, I can go anywhere

·        Sense of Humor

It took me about 10 years before I managed to become an AD. As i was trying to find how to, I collected 10 years experience in tourism and logistics, which, although it might not sound like it, were a great training in becoming a good AD. In tourism, I worked both on the phone and face to face (in airports) directly with customers. Thanks to both situations, I know how to deal/communicate with any type of person, but also it has brought me great skills in deadlines, emergency, organization and problem solving.While working in airports, I obviously dealt with crowds, A LOT. I had to announce flights delay (very delayed) to hundreds of people at once and I’m still alive, that tells you how it went. I delt with thousands of travelers everyday.

In my pre-AD career, I also supervised a warehouse. Managing staff (all men) and products.

All those are key experiences and skills that have helped make me the AD that I am today.